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20150416 Shibuya Crossing

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The crazy cross walk at Shibuya Train Station in Japan. People cross from 5 or 6 different directions. There are large video signs and loud music all the time.

The Dancing Fountains of the Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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360 Video of the Dancing Fountains of the Bellagio hotel, only in Las Vegas. One of the most beautiful shows, for free, on the Strip.

The Giants – The Little Girl – 360° Video

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Street event by Royal De Luxe staged in Perth, Feb 2015. 360 degree footage of The Little Girl

Las Vegas Strip 360 Video Camera Crash

450 Vues0 Commentaires - 360 video services range from 360 video production planning to fully customized multi-platform mobile apps. 360 Video of Las Vegas drive during CES. Camera was attached with a sturdy 3 suction cup mount that has been successfully used over 100mph speeds in the past. However, as we were using a brand new 2015 Mustang, with freshly waxed roof, the suction cups didn't hold so well. Another reason might be the vibrations and flexible roof material. That said... this shot documents the end of our drive with an epic failure. Still we were really lucky to get the cameras back from the high traffic at the Strip. Lesson learned: Always secure your mounts and be sure there is no wax/polish in your mounting area. Watch and enjoy ;) Special thanks goes to Freedom360 for such a sturdy rig. Only couple of scratches and that's it - nothing really broke on the rig. What amazing and clever design. We would also like to thank GoPro for such a tough camera's. 6 of them on board and only some scratches on the lenses plus one "tarmac blasted" corner on the camera. In addition, we'd like to thank Kolor for nice stitching software, which helped us on creating and sharing this experience to you. With the latest version of their AutoPanoVideo 2.0 I can stabilize the video and make sure the horizon is in level (whenever the camera is not rolling on the street :)). And now, the rendered videos are ready for YouTube 360 without any modifications. Check out also the same clip from Kolor Eyes service, where you can load the clip to your mobile device and watch it in VR Mode Thank you Finwe Ltd for developing such a powerful mobile 360 video playback engine. This is where I really want to play my 360 content. Check out Finwe's latest creations from Finally, last but not least. Thank you Ryan. Without you I would have lost my gear. I would have been impossible to get out of the car and rescue the stuff. Interactive 360 video channel provided by Join our channel for more interactive experiences from all around the world. FinCloud provides a full turn key service for 360 video production ranging from 360 equipment and video production to a fully customized apps. 360 Video Production: Contact us:

Hong Kong Unrest – a 360° Virtual Reality Documentary

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➤ This is a 360 degree video, click and drag to change the angle of view. Watch using Chrome browser on desktop or the YouTube app on Android devices to view in 360 degrees. Hong Kong Unrest is a news documentary filmed in 360 degree video that tells the story of the 2014 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The film breaks fresh journalistic ground by providing a news narrative, on a topic of world importance, using live-motion 360-degree video. N.B. Increase image quality by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom corner of the video. Watch this documentary in virtual reality & find out more at CREDITS Hong Kong Unrest was created by Immersivly Ltd, creators of, an app in development for the presentation of news in virtual reality. Photography & Edit by Edward Miller Produced by Louis Jebb Voiceover by Alex Hope FIND US ONLINE Minisite: Web: Twitter: Facebook: