Nichoir en direct – Faucons de l’UdeM

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Vue en direct du nichoir des faucons de l'Université de Montréal, Canada

Railcam Mierlo – Hout

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RAILCAM 1 LIVESTREAM 24/7 with sound If your stream won't load or your shortcut is broken, go to our YouTube channel: Or visit the main page - Camera is located in Mierlo-Hout district of Helmond in the South East of the Netherlands, G.Maps'08.3%22N+5%C2%B038'08.3%22E/@51.4689722,5.6334502,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d51.46896!4d5.635636?hl=nl&authuser=0 - RailCam weather for Mierlo-Hout this week? Simple check the high precision forecasts service of Meteoblue: - Chat application: Main chat language is Dutch or English. Share your valuable knowledge about the Dutch train traffic to our international viewers (which is certainly a high number) Your feedback will be highly appreciated to everyone and it will be a perfect addition to this channel. -On daytime, every hour at 04, 15, 18, 25, 33 45, 48 en 55 min, an Intercity or Stop Train will be passing RailCam.At this moment NO schedule of Freight Trains. - Over the last 19 years we've been constantly working to further enhance the quality of RailCam in future. - If you would like to make a donation towards our plans for the next years, or find out more information please visit our main page on - Suggestions are great! Due to the high volume of suggestions we get on a daily basis it's best if you already have a location that wants a train cam or is willing to host one. Before suggesting a location please make sure you already have permission or contact information. Depending on the location you could be eligible for a finders fee. - You will be immediately timed out for Inappropriate user names, spamming, links, look-a-like links, asking for channel subs, excessive emojis, letters and symbols, cursing, name calling and generally being disruptive to the chat. -This is , please don't announce trains that aren't on this cam. Giving false heads up for a train will result in being banned from chat. Do not mention things on your personal channel. - DO NOT ask to become a moderator. If interested in your assistance, we will contact you. - Do not start or perpetuate drama, arguments, and overall annoyances. - Avoid repeating yourself. If you are asking a question, be patient and you will usually receive an answer from our knowledgeable team and/or other viewers. - Don't argue with our mods! They can get up to you directly! - Do not write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Even names are not alowed! - Be respectful to other members. - For 360* cams, do not ask for pan, zoom, and to move the camera. If a mod with access to these features is available, they will move the camera as they seem fit for viewing. , please don't announce trains that aren't on this cam. Giving false heads up for a train will result in being banned from chat. Do not mention things on your personal channel. The RailCam is an 1080p, Milesight H.265 Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera. Find out more on: © 2000-2019 RailCam Management Mierlo-Hout, Netherlands

Live UK Beach Cam Teignmouth Cam Devon UK

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Welcome to our 24/7 Full HD live streaming camera from Teignmouth in Devon, UK. Please support us by subscribing to our website or become a Facebook supporter here Follow us on: San Remo Dawlish Camera Blenheim hotel Dawlish Camera Welcome to Teignmouth. The view in front of you is of the River Teign Estuary with the Docks on the right. In front of you is "The Salty" which is made from river sediment formed over the years. ​Our camera is located at Salty Cottage. The Bridge crossing the river is Shaldon Bridge and was once the longest wooden structure in Europe. It has now been rebuilt from Steel and concrete. ​Along the right edge is the "New Quay" This area was used by fishing trawlers to unload although now the fleet is greatly reduced and unloads at Brixham instead.We have a few fishing vessels still. If you wish to help with our running costs and additional cameras then we are always extremely grateful of any help. Chat Rules. Respect all other room users. No swearing or inappropriate comments. Follow moderators instructions. Do not request subscriptions or views of your own channel. Have a suitable user name. Do not post links. Use English only. Use a translator if required. Do not post in CAPITALS. Considered as shouting. Do not use excessive emoji's or characters. No discussing Politics, Religion, Race, sex, violence or accidents. Try to remain on topic. Teignmouth, Docks, ship movements and Weather are our subjects. Do not discuss or give personal details. Do not ask to be a moderator. We ask if we think you could be a benefit to the room. When asking questions, Please use manners. We are human and a please goes a long way.

Mouillage de Lanséria

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Webcam Hyères – La Madrague

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Webcam Saint-Malo

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Syracuse Airport South Camera

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Syracuse Airport South Camera

Sundial Boutique Hotel Live Stream

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The Sundial webcam is located on the top of our hotel located right in the heart of Whistler Village right at the base of the mountain. Get a real-time view of the lines, weather and more in the village via the Sundial Boutique Hotel Webcam.

Lausanne, pont Bessières

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L'idée de construire un pont de la Caroline à l'école Industrielle n'était pas nouvelle, puisqu'en 1829 déjà, des projets étaient présentés. Mais ces projets furent mis de côté. Puis en 1901, M. Charles Bessières, banquier à Lausanne et bourgeois de cette cité, légua la somme de CHF 500'000.–, avec destination bien définie et à la condition expresse que le pont Cité-École Industrielle soit construit avant son frère d'amont, le pont École de Médecine-Cathédrale.

Times Square: 1540 Broadway View Live

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American Eagle LED Billboard in Times Square, NY. Live View from the camera located at 1540 Broadway.

Spectacular View of Grand Canal – Live view from Hotel San Cassiano

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Spectacular View of Grand Canal from Hotel San Cassiano Venice Italy - - Max. resolution 1080 - Full HD View more webcams in streaming from here

Ship Cam – Algonac, Michigan USA | StreamTime LIVE

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Start Date: 7/1/19 Welcome to StreamTime LIVE! Please read this important info. You are watching a live stream of the Saint Clair River in Algonac, Michigan, for people who enjoy watching ships. You are welcome to join our chat, but keep in mind that we have established rules. Please check them out below. This camera is made possible by the Algonac-Clay Historical Society and the City of Algonac, and joins our other St. Clair River cameras, Port Huron and Marine City, Michigan. Check out the great history of Algonac and all its news and events! Historical Society: City of Algonac: Real Time Ship Tracking: Port Huron Scanner Audio: Google Map: Navigation Chart: Current Conditions: Rules of the River: Duplication or distribution of our videos is strictly prohibited without permission. CHAT RULES: • Be polite and respectful • Please use English, we need a single language to be able to understand each other. If you’re not fluent, please use a translator such as Google Translate: • Don’t post in ALL CAPS or use excessive emojis, letters or characters. • Don’t discuss politics, religion, race, sex, violence, or anything like that. We try to be mindful of any children who may be watching. • Please don’t use our chats to seek attention, stand on your soapbox, or post excessively about personal issues. This is not an exclusive club, we try hard to ensure that our chats feel welcoming and inclusive of anyone who drops by. • Don’t ask to become a moderator. It’s earned. If we’re interested in your assistance, we will contact you. • Just be nice, it’s amazing what happens when we’re all nice to each other. THINGS THAT WILL GET YOU BANNED: • Inappropriate usernames • Profanity • Asking for subscriptions (subs) • Being intentionally disruptive, creating arguments or any other jerk-like behavior • Not following the moderators’ instructions ABOUT THIS FEED: Algonac, Michigan is about 50 miles northeast of Detroit. Located at the end of the St. Clair River, the City of Algonac and the Township of Clay together are often referred to as the “Venice of Michigan,” with their many isles and canals. The area boasts the best pickerel fishing in the Great Lakes, great water fowl spotting in the St. Johns Marsh, a popular state park on the shore just north of Algonac, an automobile ferry to historic Harsens Island as well as a ferry to Walpole Island, considered the international gateway to Michigan. You’ll see dozens of vessels a day, including freighters, tankers, tugs, barges, salties, passenger ships, international visitors and other vessels. The shipping season on the Great Lakes normally runs from mid to late March through early January. However, the severity of the winter will impact the exact dates the shipping lanes open and close. Winter is also an opportunity to catch an ice breaker in action ABOUT STREAMTIME LIVE: StreamTime Live is a new service that brings you the best 24/7 live streaming experience on the internet, and on YouTube! Our goal is to be THE go-to source for the most interesting and curated selection of live feeds in the world, brought to you with exceptional quality and family-friendly, moderated chats. Please visit Virtual Railfan to watch live streaming of trains. We exist because of the hard work, innovation and success of VRF: On YouTube: Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad you’re here! Please check back frequently for new cams! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Know a good location for a camera? We’d love to hear! Please email us at If you have any contacts, please let us know!

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