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360° Youtube Video Test [Minecraft]

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**NOTE: This will not work on iPhone and iPad, desktop or android is required, some web browsers will not support it either!** I wrote a blog post/text tutorial if you are interested in learning how to create your own 360° YouTube video using Blender. I just discovered that youtube now allows 360 degrees youtube videos, so I threw together a really quick test using Blender. ------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Website: Facebook:

RIFTCOASTER HD (YouTube 360-Video)

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Interactive 360* VR, video from our Rift Coaster HD, Oculus Rift demo. Samsung Gear VR version, download:!iYMz3JDR!w4KflSSzE9u4kkfdeYsrVqrRayj-SPAG8yTpBjci0Gk