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timelapse 360 cistone

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cistone set

360 Degrees / VR Timelapse: Brian Head, Utah. Altitude: 10,420 feet.

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Liked it? Share it and subscribe for more videos like this! :) For the 360 Viewing experience, watch this video with the YouTube app on any Android smartphone. This video was shot at Brian Head, Utah; a local ski resort town. This particular location had an altitude level of 10,420 feet above sea level. Facebook: Patreon: YouTube: VRideo: Instagram: Coming Soon Twitter: Coming Soon Website: Coming Soon

FA Cup 2015 360 Time lapse

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A two and a half hour time-lapse shot in the run up to the FA Cup final at Wembley 2015 where Arsenal beat Aston Villa 4-0

Fireworks Over Bristol – 360 Degree Timelapse Video

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New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse Volume 1

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If you enjoy this then please check out more here and here Best viewed in 1080p Full HD, full screen with sound. Shot over the last couple of months mostly in and around the volcanic plateau of the central North Island of New Zealand in the Tongariro National Park World Heritage Area. A culmination of thousands of still frames, some long cold nights and early mornings out under the beautiful southern hemisphere skies of New Zealand. Shot using a Canon 5D Mark II full frame DSLR rendered out in full HD 1080p from the digital raw stills at 5630x3740. Music is "Above Two Souls" by Gregg Lehrman and Boris Nonte.

New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse Volume Two

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Visit Best viewed in full HD. This timelapse features my best work yet. It represents hours and hours of dedication to the art. I'm driven by chasing fleeting moments of damatic light on beautiful landscapes and also capturing the night sky and milky way in all it's glory is a real buzz. Not be mention curling up out under the stars beside all the gear for whole nights at a time catching some sleep here and there between checking the gear and changing batteries and staring up into eternity with spectacular meteors burning up in the cosmic shore out the corner of your eye. Doing this sort of thing has bought me closer and closer to the wilderness. There is something about doing this sort of stuff that just makes you want to keep coming back for more and more. Maybe it's the experience of being out there at one with the incredible beauty of this landscape. Maybe it's the challenge of capturing it in the camera in the way that you witnessed it. Maybe it's the excitement of seeing just what you got when you finally render it all out. Maybe it's the satisfaction you get out of showing this to other people. Most probably it's a combination of all these things. I hope you enjoy watching this timelapse. Please leave a comment if you wish, I'd love to hear from you. It is my hope that in bringing back a little piece of nature to portray in this way that it helps spark the respect we need to have for such an incredible place. All scenes shot in the North Island of New Zealand. Main equipment used: Canon 5D Mark II & various Canon Lenses Dynamic Perception Stage Zero 6ft Dolly Music: "Go Beyond" by Ben and Matt Hales, licensed for use through Universal Publishing Production Music and APRA New Zealand. Thanks to my family for putting up with my habbit ;) 360-video весна в Запорожье 2015

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Таймлапс сделанный в нескольких интересных местах города Запорожья и окраин с использованием панорамного видео. Видео корректно отображается только в браузере Chrome и на устройствах Android.

360 degree time lapse Ala Wai Marina at sunset

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360 time lapse video of the sunset on the rocks near the Ala Wai Marina along Waikiki beach. Near Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon, Ft. DeRussy beach park, Modern Honolulu Best viewed using the Google Chrome browser. Within Google Chrome, YouTube allows you to pan and tilt within the 360 video

Makapuu Point Lighthouse 360 degree timelapse

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360 degree time lapse video at Makapuu lighthouse. The video is just a sample video as I was experimenting with 360 time lapse footage. Best viewed using the Google Chrome browser. Within Google Chrome, YouTube allows you to pan and tilt within the 360 video

360 Degree / VR Timelapse: St. George, Utah

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Liked it? Share it with your friends! Subscribe for more videos like this one. For the best experience, watch this video using the YouTube app on an Android smartphone. Tilt and pan by moving your phone around! This was recorded at St. George, Utah on May 14th, 2015. A rainy day makes for an interesting time-lapse! Facebook: Twitter: Coming Soon Instagram: Coming Soon Website: Coming Soon

All Alone in the Night – Time-lapse footage of the Earth as seen from the ISS

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Images: Music: 'Freedom Fighters' by Two Steps from Hell Inspiration: Editor: David Peterson Serving Suggestion: 1080p, lights off, volume up :) Inspired by a version of the opening sequence of this clip called 'What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?', I tracked down the original time-lapse sequence taken on the International Space Station (ISS) via NASA, found some additional ones there, including the spectacular Aurora Australis sequences, and set it to a soundtrack that almost matches the awe and wonder I feel when I see our home from above. To those brave men and women who fly alone in the night to take us to the stars, we salute you. ----------------------- Sequences: 1. North-to-south down the western coast of North and South America. 2. North-to-south over Florida, the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands. 3. South-East Asia, approaching the Philippine Sea 4. Western Europe, from France through Italy, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East. 5. Aurora Australis, over the Indian Ocean, approaching Australia 6. Aurora Australis, over the Indian Ocean. 7. Aurora Australis, unknown location in the Southern Hemisphere. ----------------------- Featured on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day! Explanation from NASA: Many wonders are visible when flying over the Earth at night. A compilation of such visual spectacles was captured recently from the International Space Station (ISS) and set to rousing music. Passing below are white clouds, orange city lights, lightning flashes in thunderstorms, and dark blue seas. On the horizon is the golden haze of Earth's thin atmosphere, frequently decorated by dancing auroras as the video progresses. The green parts of auroras typically remain below the space station, but the station flies right through the red and purple auroral peaks. Solar panels of the ISS are seen around the frame edges. The ominous wave of approaching brightness at the end of each sequence is just the dawn of the sunlit half of Earth, a dawn that occurs every 90 minutes.

Portrait of Lotte – 0 to 14 years in 4 min. (The Original)

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32.599.523 miljoen weergaven! Total views of the two exact same edits: 27.577.154 + 5.022.369 = 32.599.523 million views. The ultimate coming of age Time-Lapse. Dutch artist Frans Hofmeester (from Utrecht) has filmed his now teenage daughter portrait for 15 seconds every week from the day she was born. Over a time-lapse video, you are witness to one of the most mysterious, profound processes of human life - growing up - accelerated into four minutes. This version is edited with a free song from the YouTube library because it's impossible to let you hear the original song written by grammy award winning Hollywood composer Mateo Messina. He wrote it specifically for this film. Watch the film with the original soundtrack (3.9 million views) here: (Working on the new edit '0 to 15 years'. In search of a band or dj to produce the music.) Apologies for not hearing the original song at this moment. ©2014 Frans Hofmeester. Check out Lotte's little brother Vince: Portrait of Vince 0 - 11 years. From Baby to 14 Years. On october 28 2013 Lotte became 14 years old. Birth to 14 years in 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original) Lotte komt uit Nederland. Lotte is a dutch girl. 14 años en 4 minutos: increíble secuencia del crecimiento de una nena. El cineasta Holandés Frans Hofmeeste, se dio a la tarea de filmar a su hija Lotte durante su crecimiento en el transcurso de 14 años. El resultado fue este. Pai registra todos os meses da filha,do nascimento aos 14 anos de idade. Portraits d'une adolescente de sa naissance à ses quatorze ans Hier finden Sie die Zeitraffer Filme von Lotte & Vince. El nacimiento hasta los 14 años en 4 min. Lapso de tiempo Lotte. Van geboorte tot 14 jaar in 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original) De la naissance à 14 ans en 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original) Dalla nascita ai 14 anni in 4 min. Time Lapse Lotte. (The Original) Отец снимал дочь каждую неделю в течении 14 ЛЕТ Vídeo demorou 14 anos para ser feito, mas o resultado ficou sensacional "Lotte & Vince 'in Time Lapse filmlerini burada bulabilirsiniz." "To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Viral Spiral:

Breathtaking Time-Lapse Video of Earth From Space

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Using footage from NASA's Johnson Space Center, filmmaker Fede Castro creates a captivating time-lapse video of Earth from space. In a little over four minutes, "Nuestra Tierra—Our Earth" takes us around the world, sighting major cities and even catching the breathtaking aurora borealis. See More From Fede Castro. Music: Divergence - The Black Parrot The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos selected by National Geographic's editors. We look for pieces that emphasize National Geographic's mission of inspiring people to care about the planet. The content presented here was created by the filmmakers themselves. The opinions expressed are those of the filmmakers, and not those of the National Geographic Society. To submit films for consideration, please email SFS at ngs dot org.

« Belle Paris » Time Lapse

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"Belle Paris" Time Lapse vidéo est une édition. (re- edition francisco dorantes rico) Paris est l'une des plus belles villes. J'espère que vous aimez regarder autant qu'à cette fusillade. Musique Carly Comando - Everyday Les créateurs de la version originale. Mayeul Akpovi-Paris in Motion (Part I) I Give You Paris MurphyPhotography Paris 2013 TimeLapse in Motion (Hyperlapse by Kirill Neiezhmakov) Paris: A Moveable Feast (Time-lapse, Canon 60D) sonyelectronics Paris Time Lapse Kento Mizuno Kento Mizuno Tous droits de reproduction réservés à leurs propriétaires légitimes de chaque chanson.

Official One World Trade Center Time-Lapse 2004-2013

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Watch and share this commemorative time-lapse movie, highlighting progress at the World Trade Center site from October 2004 to September 2013. Witness the rise of One World Trade Center, including the installation of the spire, bringing it to a staggering height of 1,776 feet. Hundreds of thousands of high definition images were captured over the past 9 years and hand-edited for this special time-lapse movie.

The World is Beautiful (Timelapse & Hyperlapse)

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Check out my other videos: Life is Awesome (#3) - Life is Awesome (#2) - Life is Awesome - Best of Parkour and Freerun - Please watch original videos used in my compilation: Like my facebook page - Subcribe my second channel - Follow me on Google Plus - Music: Hans Zimmer - Time - (Instrumental Core Remix) Don't forget to support and visit Instrumental Core: Also support Hans Zimmer: Download: timelapse time-lapse time lapse hyperlapse the world earth awesome beautiful compilation nature city

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